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Life Launch Academy: Helping Your Student Build a Blueprint for Career Success

What will it take for your student to succeed? Find out what parents can do to direct the Life Launch!

Life is short and happiness is priceless. This video will help you understand how you can most effectively coach your student to have a competitive advantage when launching into their adult life.

In this 4 part video training series, we're going to share the foundation of career and life planning as well as tips that you can take advantage of NOW to help your students LIFTOFF to their best Launch Life.

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Develop Confidence

65 Percent of Today’s Students Will Be Employed in Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet. With this quickly changing job market, parents need support in guiding their student as they prepare for the future.

Save Resources

The cost of unsuccessful career and life planning may include years of indecision, unmet financial goals, family hardship and a complete failure to launch. As young adults and their parents prepare for a successful Life Launch, having a supportive community to ask questions, share experiences and gain support is vital.

Plan for the Future

Without a blueprint, a building may be poorly designed or unsafe. How can parents help their students plan for their future, preparing for a great life launch?

"My daughter has absolutely loved Mrs. Gruenig’s Life Launch class! I have loved seeing her grow in her confidence of who she is through the activities and lesson plans that they participate in. It has helped her to grow in her knowledge of who she is and who God created her to be. She is a junior in high school this year and I can’t think of better timing than to be taking this class now."

-Anna Adkins


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