Building a Blueprint for Career Success

This 12 week course will serve to guide your student to Build a Blueprint for success through the use of tools, assessment and assignments.


Who are We?

Be Greater Than Average has been inspiring young people to learn and challenge themselves to be the best version of them that they can be, whether it is through STEM projects, Entrepreneurial ventures, Wealth education, or Life Launch Learning for over 25 years. Dr. Shelly Gruenig has used her lifetime experience as a homeschool mom and combined it with her success as a career and life coach to serve families in the homeschool community. With a PhD in Workforce Development and a Masters degree in Momming, she is ready to guide and motivate your student to excellence and To Be Greater Than Average!

What are We About?

We exist to serve you. We are passionate about helping craft success, whatever that means to them. To support you, we offer a series of classes on important factors in building a future. Our premiere course is Building a Blueprint for Career Success with others to follow soon.

We believe that teenagers can make a true difference in society and live happier, more fulfilling lives at the same time. Our goal is to partner with families to guide them through the stresses, challenges and joy that happen as young adults are launched.

Is it for You?

Do you struggle to find the time or know what steps to take to prepare for successfully launching your student into their best life? Are you looking for a resource that will direct them and support you? Are you looking for a proven strategy to launch students? Are you looking for a program that has online convenience? Are you up at night worried about your students financial future? Or perhaps you are simply wondering how to even begin planning for their life launch. Well, rest assured that the Life Launch program, Building Blueprints to Career Success, has been written with you in mind!

How Can This Benefit You & Your Student

This course isn't just designed to help students, but the entire family! The Academy also provides support for parents as they coach and advise their young adult in preparation for a successful Life Launch! The Academy is completely student directed, but can be used by both students and their parents as they traverse the journey. Dr Gruenig shares some of her best tips in a Unit just for parents, whether it is conversation starters, checklists, or a prayer guide parents will be supported through the journey as well.

Be Greater Than Average!

Whether your student is ready to Launch Life through our online program or looking to expand their knowledge by enrolling in any of our excellent STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs, our mission is to help them Be Greater Than Average! Dr. Gruenig encourages every kid to be a better version of themself today than they were yesterday - all while having fun and learning in a way that inspires.


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