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B> Than Average, LLC.

Where fun and learning collide!

What do we offer?

    B> Than Average, LLC. offers a wide variety of online camps for students and adults. Our safe and fun distance learning summer camps include:

            3D printing | Rocketry | Minecraft | Jr. Robotics

B> Than Average, LLC. is a company that teaches students about the technology of building robots while emphasizing building critical project management skills. These skills include working in a collaborative team environment where ideas and experiments are recorded in a project manual. In addition, students learn about the Innovation and Evaluation of the Engineering Design Process, and develop an understanding of the science behind their robot.

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About Us

After 5 years of working together as part of R4Robotics, students suggested they would like to teach other kids about robot construction. At B> Than Average, LLC. our inspiration comes from our students and their wildly crazy, amazing ideas that make life an adventure.

Our Staff

Our award-winning staff is comprised of a dynamic group of homeschool teachers, alumni and students of R4Robotics (an award-winning robotics team), as well as students that were once campers themselves! Under the supervision of our adult teachers, camps are led by this group of highly trained individuals.

Innovative Partnerships

Partnership enables us to provide meaningful and collaborative experiences. We are proud of our innovative partners including DSS Solidworks, a 3D Design Software company, as well as R4Creating, a STEM support non-profit organization. Are you looking for a way to partner with a real, innovative company striving to Be Greater Than Average?

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Our lives encompass our philosophy to BE GREATER THAN AVERAGE. We strive to open doors of opportunity for students. We have been honored with numerous awards that include: Best Summer Camp by Albuqerque’s,  (ask Shelly what awards) but the greatest recognition is the daily opportunity to inspire students and make a small difference in our world. Our why consists of the moments we share with our students.That moment when a light comes on for a student, when a mom shares how her child has finally found his people, or the parent who is overwhelmed at the growth and joy in their student who had been previously labeled. This is why we are motivated to Be Greater Than Average!

Teaching Tomorrow's Professionals

As a group of homeschool families, we have chosen a lifestyle of learning. Our unique family attributes allow us to enhance all of the learning experiences we offer. With  formal education training ranging from Engineering, Law, Career Education, Math, Computer Science, Home Economics and Business we are committed to inspiring all students to seek out their personal competitive advantage.


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